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Estimate your miles and points instantaneously

Flight Miles App allows you to easily estimate your EQMs, MQMs, or PQMs based on the routes you are planning to travel. The app gives you the ability to quickly toggle between your personalized presets and past searches to determine the most efficient route for you.


How does it Work?

  • Select the airline, status and class for your trip.
  • Input ticket price and designate route.
  • Flight Miles App automatically estimates your EQMs, MQMs or PQMs based off of your information and our databases.



Presets allow you to create profiles that auto-fill various fields such as the airline, status, and class. This saves you time and gives you the flexibility to quickly estimate your various travel scenarios.

Dynamic Route Input

The app provides multiple input options, whether it’s the airport code, country, state, city, or tagged results. This allows you to input routes quickly with minimal taps and screen switches.

Route Breakdowns

As you input your chosen route, the app generates totals that are broken down by individual legs of your trip. This allows you to easily view and compare the statistics from each leg of the trip.


The history tab allows your to quickly access your recent searches. When you tap on a recent search it auto-fills all the information from your previous search so that you can see the milelage and point estimates without reentering all the information.

Courtesy Mode

Nobody likes to be disturbed on a long flight by the light being emitted from their neighbor’s screen. Courtesy Mode allows for you to change the appearance of the app to a darker color palette so that you can use the app without disturbing those around you. It’s also easier on the eyes :)

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